Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mi Madre's Birthday: Part One

So my Mama and our friends' "Tita Cherry" turned ___ years old last Sunday. I'm not really sure if I can broadcast her age but you know, just to be safe... Haha! Anyway, I and others can attest that she looks young for her age. Walang echos, Mama! :))

My family's really used to celebrating our birthdays through simple family dinners only or sometimes with our closest friends but we wanted Mama's birthday to be extra special this time so we planned and organized a bigger celebration, a dinner party at our house for a larger group of people. It was meant to be a surprise but I'm not just quite sure we were able to really pull it off or she had an idea already about this. Surprises are my Mama's forte. But whatever, at least this celebration was really hassle-free for her. :)

My sister's dessert buffet which she is very much proud of. Lol! Desserts for the adults, main course for the kids. :D

During the planning, we're the ones asked by Papa to decide on the food choices but we insisted he still has to cook for Mama and the guests so here he is doing his thing. His specialties, steak and squid, for everyone. :)

Super kyut SJ! Always pouting! :))

Second set of photos coming next! :)

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