Thursday, November 28, 2013


Doing a throwback post because 1) it's Thursday and 2) I had fun going through old photos for my 18th birthday so I'm sharing some of them. Memories right before I turned 18. <3 Everything's from Instagram! :)

1 and 2. Oh gosh, I'm the cutest. Case closed.

3. BTTC! <3 =))
4. Cebu-Bohol with my Mama and cousin

5. Bangui windmills in Ilocos Norte with my brothers
6. Finally a complete barkada picture. Still the latest up to now :(

7. My very first Liveloud concert :)
8. Prod people for Ate Maj's debut 

9. High school friends' bonggang surprise for my 16th birthday <3
10. Pre-culminating activity performance family lunch with our Mommy Joy :)


11. Grad ball photo with Kalayaan and Superfriends
12. I guess my favourite wacky pose back in high school HAHA


13. Overnight/catch up with grade school besties :)
14. Fernwood with daddy-o

15. Regional Conference 2012 Set Dance people
16. Regional Conference 2012 Set Dance champs and Internation Conference 2013 1st runner up ;)


17. UST Paskuhan lights launch with CIC friends
18. BU4 with grade school girlfriends :)

19 and 20. Christmas party 2012 with the college girlfriends <3


21. Christmas 2012 getaway with the Trinidads
22. With my cousing-slash-HSSC President

23. Dance reg all the way from Manila to Nueva via FaceTime =))
24. Set dance people <3


25. TBAC <3
26. Team Bulbo-Ischio <3

27. Sister sister-an! <3
28. Horror movies marathon with the brothers: night 1 =))

29. #YankeeMandible's 18th ;)
30. November 25: Early 18th birthday surprise from the best people. You guys are awzumm! <3 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Anything Could Happen

I've already done a blogpost like this before where I share random thoughts I can relate to and realizations from recent happenings and events. Things lately have been actually a bit overwhelming so I thought I really had to take down notes and good thing I was able to so. :) 

1. Simple joys =  best stress relievers. It doesn't take that much for us to realize that we find happiness in little things and stop asking for some other things bigger and better. 

2. Truth hurts. Yup, cliche. Knowing your flaws and insecurities and weaknesses and fears is one thing. Admitting them is another. It hurts but then it's up to you whether you'd let yourself drown in them... even though you know those negativities only mean there's more room for positivity. ;)


3. Others won't see and feel things exactly the way we do. That's why we really don't have to push ourselves too much in explaining things to other people. 


4. We should always know better. I just think carelessly doing and saying things we shouldn't be and regretting them after is tiring. It's as if we don't learn. We should know better. (#mayhugot, haha!)


5. Always be open for life's surprises. Always be ready to get overwhelmed.

As for the photos, I'm just reposting them from various Instagram users. I really like getting my daily dose of random-inspirational-and-motivational-quotes from my feed. I actually do have an album in my phone full of such photos and I go through them and then post something I can relate to in a certain time. It's already a habit! :)

Currently addicted to Leah Mertz's version of Ellie Goulding's Anything Could Happen! ;)