Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mi Madre's Birthday: Part Two

Sisterhood: YFC and SFC edition. :-)

Hi, Ate Apple! If you're reading this ma-touch ka naman daw! Hehe. :p

Domingo girls!

If we got to make Lola pose while sitting on the car seat, we got to make Mama play Gran Turismo. My brothers and I even posted an instavid, haha!

We would like to thank everyone who came and even those who weren't able to. We sure made Mama's birthday extra special. Hope to see you po in the next event! Hihi, ehem! :)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mi Madre's Birthday: Part One

So my Mama and our friends' "Tita Cherry" turned ___ years old last Sunday. I'm not really sure if I can broadcast her age but you know, just to be safe... Haha! Anyway, I and others can attest that she looks young for her age. Walang echos, Mama! :))

My family's really used to celebrating our birthdays through simple family dinners only or sometimes with our closest friends but we wanted Mama's birthday to be extra special this time so we planned and organized a bigger celebration, a dinner party at our house for a larger group of people. It was meant to be a surprise but I'm not just quite sure we were able to really pull it off or she had an idea already about this. Surprises are my Mama's forte. But whatever, at least this celebration was really hassle-free for her. :)

My sister's dessert buffet which she is very much proud of. Lol! Desserts for the adults, main course for the kids. :D

During the planning, we're the ones asked by Papa to decide on the food choices but we insisted he still has to cook for Mama and the guests so here he is doing his thing. His specialties, steak and squid, for everyone. :)

Super kyut SJ! Always pouting! :))

Second set of photos coming next! :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013


Something's back from the dead! Sofia Blanca has been idle for, I don't know, about two months? :) And as comeback, here's a post on how I spent my weekend. Sharing to you Central Luzon's Regional Conference 2013 in Baler, Aurora through my phone photos. :)

As usual, it's a two-days-and-one-night conference. Morning and afternoon of day 1 were spent for the workshops, social actions activities, and sports and creative competitions. And yup, Nueva Ecija bagged a lot of awards again this year! :)

Everyone was asked to wear the conference shirt which is glowing in the dark for night activities. Isn't it cool? It's very much fitting with the theme, LUMINO. Here's our Tita Bubut, posing for our outfit-of-the-night! :) The activities for the night were sessions 1 & 2 and rave party. Rave party! have you seen my instavid on that? :) Hahaha, rave parties are more fun in YFC. Now that's clean fun! :)

I met and became close with them because of school and I've never really imagined these boys would be in the same conference as me. As what I've heard from session 2 if I'm not mistaken, being a YFC is easy but living out the lifestyle of YFC is not. I've been close to them for years now and I know how they are and their lifestyle, *wink wink* so by the looks of how they are doing as "YFCs", I must say I'm really proud of them. Nice one, boys! :)

In my blog about RYC 2012 last year, it was obvious how excited I was for last year's regional conference because one of its highlights for me is without a doubt, getting to be one of Nueva Ecija's representative for set dance competition. I was able to spend the week before the conference with my YFC siblings so I just couldn't help but be excited so much. However, this year's regional conference was much different.

I haven't bonded with my YFC siblings for quite some time because of my studies. Since I wasn't able to talk about this event much with others, I wasn't frankly that hyped up as well. Before the conference, all I know's I'm going to the Baler for RYC. That's it, pansit. :)

But then again, He is always full of surprises and never disappoints. I can really say LUMINO for me has been special in different ways words alone cannot express. Appreciating and realizing the worth and beauty of everything even the little ones really and always depend on us and the willingness of our hearts to be able to do so. :)

I am part of the history. This is the 17th Central Luzon Regional Youth Conference and yet, if I'm not mistaken, it's Aurora province's first time hosting. First time for Aurora and yet it was as well greatly affected by the recent typhoon Santi but it still pushed through and is indeed a successful one. It just goes to show how great God is. :) Next year's RYC will be in Pampanga but before that, International Leaders Conference first in Palawaaaaan!!! :) We're so blessed to be having conferences in such beautiful places but as usual, "Misyon muna bago bakasyon" ;)

#LUMINO: Light To The World