Thursday, August 08, 2013

Three-Year Old Reminder

If there's one fashion-related reminder from my sister I sometimes follow, it would be not to wear sleeveless top if you're already wearing shorts/skirts or the other way around. My sister only told me that once. Three years ago, I think. It has been on my mind since then. Seriously. :)) 

So when I decided to take this skater skirt out for a spin, I opted to wear long sleeves though I think skirts like this are best paired with tight-fitting tank tops. :) I've already worn this top here and mentioned that weather isn't a problem at all with this top. Bipolar weather-friendly, hahaha!

I wore this to a movie out with friends just to relax the day before the first day of my monthly exams week and I guess one of my ways to de-stress is to dress up. Coming up with this outfit with such colorful little details made it more stress relieving at least for me. :p 

(1) We watched Despicable Me 2 here and (2) prelim exams week is fast approaching again... so imagine how delayed this outfit post is. :( Can I just say I'm disappointed with the movie?! I was close to falling asleep in the middle of the movie plus I think the minions are just too adorable not to watch that's why the movie was a hit for most. 

Monday, August 05, 2013

#YFCNEPYC2013: We Stand and Testify

These photos are definitely not enough to share what happened all throughout the event. It was indeed a very successful 7th Provincial Youth Conference for YFC Nueva Ecija. We're blessed to have very supportive couple coordinators, convenient and spacious venue, hardworking service team, and bibong bibo participants! Hundreds of YFCs were able to gather and I swear the number of participants was beyond what we expected and prayed for. YFC Nueva Ecija's now even more thrilled and pumped than ever to do and give MORE next year! :)

Central B's Sector Head, Jetro, for Opening Worship

Emcees Dyem from South Sector, Justin from Central A and Sam from Central B

YFC NE's Provincial Youth Head Kuya Chiko Roque for Session 1

Program Directors: Ate Aya from South and Lysa from Central A (Yup, Central A ka pa dito Lysa! :p)

Kuya Mike Ybiernas for Session 2 :)

#YFCNEPYC2013's service team! :)

Photos from Tita Grace (see full album.), Ate Sam (see full album) & Kuya Bonin (see full album). :)

Our next stop: BALER, AURORA!
See you there on October! :)
Photos reposted from Youth For Christ Central Luzon's Facebook

Saturday, August 03, 2013

#YFCNEPYC2013: Behind The Scenes

Sharing to you the first half of the photodiary of Youth for Christ Nueva Ecija's 7th Provincial Conference which happened two weeks ago. School has been so demanding I barely have time to face this blog. Anyway, here are some of the few snapshots from the night/dawn before the event. Sleep? What sleep? :)

Rehearsing until around 2:30 AM, wake up call in about 2 hours. We also like to live dangerously. ;) HAHAHA!

Only few of the tons of sleeping pictures of the team. Haha, sorry! I just had to post some. :)

Photos from Tita Grace (see full album.), Ate Sam (see full album) & Kuya Bonin (see full album)
Posting photos from the day of the event next! :)