Friday, November 30, 2012

Tigers Ready

Here I am again in a summery summer outfit with my neon pink highwaist shorts! I originally planned wearing it with a neon shoes too and a white top, but I immediately scratched the thought off my mind. It's too much! It's too much for the season, lol. Maybe I'll pull off that look on summer... if ever I go to the beach. =))

So I toned it down with this dark top. This growling top, raaawwwrr! Yes, I also bring my Tiger Spirit with me whenever I shop! LOL. =)) With no hesitations I grabbed it right away from the rack when I saw the growling tiger print plus the leather details on the shoulders! The top would really look plain without it :) :) I wanted the leather detail and the print to stand out so I didn't wear any necklace at all. 

Zara top
Mizar Clothing highwaist shorts
Primaluxe Manila studded loafers
Rayban sunnies
Pull and Bear ring
Casio watch (gift)
Tomato bracelets (gift)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Birthday's Eve

Why do I have that habit of blogging during midnight when I have the whole afternoon or night to do it? :( It just occurred to me, hahaha. 

Here's what I wore to a Sunday dinner out with my siblings and grandmother (I miss you Mama and Papa!) at The Stock Market Boni High. The sun had set already when I got ready so that explains the low quality photos which I had to take indoor and with my iPhone only but whatever, the show goes on! This outfit blog post goes on! LOL.

We were also sort of in a rush that's why I wasn't able to show more of the details of this outfit. The black dress is actually lace and its upper part is corset. Really happy I scored this one! Lace and corset in an LBD ;) I've worn this already and posted it on my IG but not as one of my #ootd's because I had no outfit photos  at all :( Why can't I take good pictures whenever I'm wearing this?! What is malas, asdfghjkl! The dress however shows too much skin so I opted wearing a denim floral vest but it somehow hid the necklace. 

I don't know but this outfit gave me that "rocker-slash-edgy" feeling. Hahaha, maybe because of the black dress, the denim vest, edgy necklace, black eyeliner and tied up hair? And yes, the baaaangs. The side-swept baaaangs B) I've thought about it for too long and now it's here! Hahaha, whaddaya think? I just thought maybe my precious forehead should take a break from too much exposure. :P

Topshop dress
Primadonna sandals
Forever 21 floral vest
Trendphile Manila necklace
Tomato watch

B ;)

P.S. Thank you for all the birthday greetings and for including this blog on your wishes! I am not yet done thanking everyone especially on Facebook! Hihi, cheers! :) 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Faith Forward

Since I blogged about the Kids for Christ Nueva Ecija's event two weeks ago, I became sort of jealous for YFC! :P I've tweeted a lot last month about Central Luzon's Regional Youth Conference 2012 at Bulacan last October. I've been a YFC since 2008 but it was my only second time attending a regional conference so I was really happy it was held during my sembreak :D

For me, the highlight of the conference's getting to represent Nueva Ecija for the set dance competition. Nueva Ecija reprezeeent! :D Aaaah, I terribly missed dancing especially competing! Ooh, I missed the feeling. We only got to rehearse our piece for one week only and we barely did it with all of the dancers present during rehearsals just because our schedules wouldn't let us to :( But we did it anyway, we bagged the title. Now that's a bonus! ;) 

The conference through saturday and sunday photos :)

Taken after our performance already and while waiting for Nueva Ecija's band performance and individual showdown. The creative competition's elimination round happened after lunch of day 1. Only the top two moved to the finals which happened that night. :) 

Enormous tarps like this when you enter the venue! American Idol as "Jesus is my Idol", Survivor as "Salvation', Fear Factor as "Faith Factor", Masterchef as "MasterKing" and Project Runway as "Project One Way". Coolioooo!

At Santissima Elementary School during our siesta when we got the very good news. Top two, baby!! ;) No siesta happened actually since we went straight to preparing for our second performance that night, finaaaals!

We went back to the venue that night for dinner, session 2 and final round of creative competition. I was really drained that time because of no sleep and tiredness. :( I've been literally awake since friday morning, no sleep on friday night since rehearsals ended late plus I had to some packing, really early call time on saturday morning then straight to Bulacan for the conference! I actually even got worried on not being able to perform well for the finals 'cause of that :(

Solution? WARM UP! :) But we have our own version or warming up: Kalabsawan! What a term, I know, LOL. Rehearsing and recalling every step to death is what dancers usually do the last minute before their performance but not us. We did kalabsawan instead =)) Kaniya-kaniya. Baliw-baliwan. Aliwin ang sarili. Pampagising lang. Pampapawala lang ng kaba. :p And of course photo ops!

Beside the door behind them were windows where a cockroach was peacefully chillin. They have lots of solo and group photos like this which I took. When it was my turn already, posing before the camera just waiting for the click, it freakin decided to fly right before me!!! ashlfh;sj;faije'dJ;F;!!! I just had to run and let MY moment go :( :( Can't believe I'm even including the picture in my blog!

Whatever. :( Decent group photos after our performance! :)

"Anyenye!" :p With our choreo and Kapitan, Kuya Jerel! :)

Our own version of "Oyy aah!" =))

Day 2: Holy Mass, Session 3 and awarding :)

First day we were dancers. Second  day we're champions! :)

"Specials" with Kuya Bonin's entry fot Graffiti contest who also
won champion! :)

Aaaah we were too happy and thrilled that we decided to celebrate as soon as we get back to Nueva! Food trip at my house then got our milk tea fix :) Dinner-bonding filled with food, stories and laughter! We couldn't stop recalling the experience and everything that happened. Plus some just couldn't help but spill their jokes, both the corny ones and benta ones -___-" LOL, sanayan lang yan sa YFC!

It's a back-to-back-to-back-back for Nueva! YFC Nueva Ecija won four championship titles for the creative competition: Set Dance, Band, Individual Showdown and Graffiti competitions! :) Woohoooo, all out! Kudos to the other Central Luzon provinces too! Next stop: 20th International Leaders' Conference in Manila on 2013! Central Luzon reprezeeeent! :D

Goodbye, Bulacan. Hellooooo, Aurora!!! :) Central Luzon Regional Youth Conference 2013

We really are blessed we can experience gatherings like this many times a year whether it's international, regional, provincial or by sector but still, every experience is overwhelming and we can never get tired of it. :) :) I swear being in the Couples for Christ community is... uhm words cannot express, haha! It's amazing and fun to be in service. Join us and see for yourself! :)

B ;)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Summer In Me

Some of you may have already seen my entry last night about Regional Youth Conference but now it's gone. I think I accidentally deleted it. Oh nose :s I guess I'm going to recompose it maybe tomorrow but for now... Tadaaaa! It's my very first outfit blog post. :>

If I can't go to the beach right now, can I just at least express my cravings for it through my outfit? :>  Ombre, denim and highwaist shorts. Oh well, it doesn't have to be summer for us to wear these, right right? :) 

WARNING: Legs of a man below. Seriously. =))

School is so busy and one of  my ways to at least relax myself or feel good is by my outfits! I guess I just love the feeling when I wear what I want and I feel good about it. :> Five days a week I wear an all white uniform so yes, don't judge or don't blame me if I went all out with colors in this outfit. LOL. =))

Rayban sunnies
Giordano denim polo
Uniqlo top
Vanilla Breeze ombre highwaist shorts
SM Accessories bangles
Tomato watch
Footzyrolls flats

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thank You, Jesus!

You've probably seen my tweets last week about our event last Sunday. It's Nueva Ecija's Provincial Kids' Village with the theme "Thank You, Jesus!" :) Workshops, activities, talks, creative and special competitions were FOR the kids but sure everyone had fun and learned a lot. Everyone as in including Titos and Titas, Ates and Kuyas! :)

"Lahat ng pinaka mahahalagang lesson sa buhay, natututunan pag BATA ka pa! :)"  - My partner, Justin after PKV

Here's a sneak peek of the event :) 

Call time and set up at 5am.

Nueva Ecija's provincial band! :)

Production team teaching the kids the dance steps :)

Kuya Dino for opening session

Two workshops for the senior kids and three activities for junior kids. :)

Kuya Noli for Acitivty 1: Gifts Unlimited

Ate Cath for Activity 3: Thank You Yes! Thank You No!
Ate Lysa, ang-pinakabibong-service-team-na-napaiyak-ng-mga-kids,
 for workshop 4: I Follow 4 Heaven :)
Creative, special and sports competition after lunch, and yes, imposibleng mawala ang Oppa Gangnam Style sa mga kids! :p

Kuya Kit for closing session and praisefest

Ate Cath as stage manager. Dream came true!

Provincial Ate and Provincial Youth Head :)

Central A's Sector Ate and Kuya. Hello, partner! :>

Tita Ellen, Kids for Christ Nueva Ecija's Provincial Tita :)

Previous KFC Nueva Ecija's Provincial Ate with her "successors" :)

View full album here. :)

We are usually given around two or three months to prepare for conferences like this but this time we had two weeks! O__o Two weeks for a provincial conference plus 'most' of the YFCs have school pa (yung mga wala nang pasok dahil mga graduate na, you know who you are :P). Hassle and toxic, yes but what's new? Immune na ang YFC diyan! LOL. :D

If you are already a part of the Couples for Christ community, conferences like this is not new to you anymore but  everything that happens before, during and after an event is always a new experience. Everyone will be physically drained at the end of the day but we know that this is something we will never get tired of doing. Just the fact that we are in service for God is what keeps us going.

Everything and everyone is a blessing. God is really great for sending almost 600 participants. Great number of participants, little time to prepare, not flawless and yet, it was a blast and a success. To all couple coordinators, service team, CFCs, SFCs, YFCs and especially KFCs who participated and extended their support, maraming salamat po! And of course... Thank You, Jesus! :)

Join the Couples for Christ community. I swear it's aaaahmazing to be in service! :)

B ;)