Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Bonjour! I am Sofia and I am a newbie. ;)

Okay, so after months of debating with myself whether I should make my own blog or not, I am finally here composing my very first blog entry! :D And yes, as of now, I still do not know if I am doing it right... or what am I even doing. Anyway, since it's already here, I might as well start by introducing my self...

My name's Ma. Sofia Blanca D. Trinidad. Family and friends call me Blanch. Close friends call me B.
16 and a BS Pharmacy freshie at University of Santo Tomas. I'm a dancer. And a singer, too! Bad singer. And a lot of my friends can and will attest to that! HAHA! I am a Youth for Christ member who've proudly grown in the Couples for Christ community! :)

With my blockmates at UST during the Thomasian Welcome Walk! :) Leftmost. Me.
During Youth For Christ Central Luzon's Regional Youth Conference!
Represented YFC Nueva Ecija for the set dance competition.
 Yup, I'm a Novo Ecijano :D

Christmas 2011. Our latest decent family picture :D

Anyways... I blame Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Vern Enciso and other fashion bloggers for getting me into this! I mean, I am into fashion. I love their blogs. Fashion blog hopping has became a 'must' for me, lol. Kidding aside, I really look up to those ladies as fashion icons and inspiration. Their blogs, blog posts, outfit posts, and all just inspire me a lot. I may not be like them. I may be far different from them but at least everyone should know this blog is inspired by them, hihi :)

So everyone, this is my blog. Not actually a fashion blog. An online diary. Just like what everyone calls it :) :)

Welcome! :) And I really hope I am welcome here, too. Huhu. You know. In the world of blogging, hehe? (Nervousness all over me as I type!)

B ;)

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