Friday, November 02, 2012

Looking Back

I've mentioned in my previous-slash-very-first entry that I am much inspired by fashion bloggers and so is this blog. It all started in a magazine where I saw Camille Co, her blog's website, and the links of other fashion blogs in hers. My friends and followers on instagram, twitter and pose are aware that I love posting photos of my outfits or what people call "OOTD" or 'outfit of the day' :) :) I've been posting mine for almost a year now. If you have missed some of my #ootd-s, here they are again since day one! :)

Where everything started :> Hihi, I don't know. I just felt like taking
 photos of my outfit that time.

It's too late when I realized how awkward my legs were in the
first photo :s Geez. Sarreh!

My outfit for our research defense! :)

What I wore to a Sunday mass and a surprise birthday dinner.
The necklace is my mom's.  Lovely, right? :)

Black and red for a concert. :) 

First time going to Sophie's Mom. Felt like the outfit and the store's
theme were made for each other ;) HAHA!

Movie and dinner date with my sister at RW Manila.

Brother's graduation and sister's birthday lunch at Cafe Romulos :)
Great place and interiors!

Macau Day 2.

Macau Day 3.

Macau Day 4.

Outing with senior high classmates!

Sunday church day! See the band aids on my foot?
 I got hit by trike, yikes! :/

Higlights and the MNG dress! ;)

Yes, I love breaking my neck when taking outfit shots :p

Swimming with family! The top's originally a shirt! :)

Bershka sunnies perfect for summer! :) 

It felt like I was wearing apron in this skirt, haha!
Very cute and stylish apron though :p

It's my overused Forever 21 top. ;)

That is it for the first half of my OOTDs. Tell me what you think! ;) Watch out for the second half! :)

- B ;)

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