Friday, February 08, 2013

Rolled Into One

Hola! Blogging again on a late Friday night or Saturday midnight or whatever. Weekends are the only days I can update my blog and do my usual blog hopping. My class schedule this semester is pretty much hectic and too compressed so I make it a point to focus on school on weekdays. School has been really more draining and tiring maybe because of my really demanding course, demanding subjects, demanding professors and yet, really compact class schedule. As a reward,  I finally squeeze in blogging, dates with friends, watch movies/tv series and other stuff by Friday afternoon right after my class. 

To veer away my mind from school and anything academic related, I'll be talking about an outfit post, fashion, trends, anything but chemicals and drugs and calculations and everything we study. Besides, it's one of the reasons why this blog exists anyway. =)) Now the outfit!

First shot and I find it nicely overexposed that's why I just had to include it in this post. :P

Trends, trends everywhere! Of course people never let themselves get outdated with what's in and what's out not just in fashion but with everything. Whenever shopping, I usually look for the ones which are trending instead of the basics which I can freely buy and don anytime. However, I also make sure not to forget and let some pieces which trended in the past seasons stay in my closet forever. 

Take my floral pants for example. It's been a long time already since floral print made its hit on modern fashion but it's still on the racks of every store though many new trends have bloomed since then.  Though girly and really chic, it still compliments with the masculine vibes of the denim studded polo.

Oversized denim polos are everywhere but I rarely see them with camouflage cutouts! Score!

Another trend in this outfit: snakeskin print bag. It's from my Mama and by far my favourite everyday bag! :) 

Denim, studs, camouflage, florals, pastel colors, animal print, basic flats. Everything rolled into one! See, everything just depends on how you style them and of course how you strut what you wear whether trending or not :)

Zara top
SM GTW pants
Chanel flats
Divine Lee's necklace
Casio watch (gift)
WAGW bangle set
Vera Wang bag

Before ending this post, I want to share to you something random but with regards to my rants above about school. I guess I've become already immune with the demands in school especially this second semester. I've never felt this much preoccupied with studies back in high school. Long to-do lists everyday are no longer new to me and complaining won't do anything about it or ease the stress. No choice but to put up with everything and just get things done, but of course with focus and setting priorities. Instead of hoping for days with no lists of things to do at all, I now learned how to be grateful for having at least "short" to-do lists sometimes. Hahahaha. Now that's looking on the bright side and valuing simple joys. Simple joys of a busy bee. :D

Hope you like this post and my outfit! :)

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  1. simple and chic outfit. i love your pants :)

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    Love, Maria