Saturday, February 02, 2013

Carpe Diem

If you're following me on Twitter, you've probably seen at least a tweet of mine ranting random stuff about my high school. I'm attached to it like that! That's why I grabbed the opportunity last Saturday to visit my alma mater on their Family Day. Finally, familiar and friendly faces! Though not a student there anymore and it wasn't a regular school day, and being the not-really-obedient CICian that I am, I still made sure to follow the proper dress code of my school, no shorts, no flip flops and no sleeveless clothes.  

I knew it would be scorching hot as usual and there would be a lot of moving around. Since I can't wear anything fancy or over-the-top, I spiced up the shirt-and-jeans combo! I carefully chose what to wear or what to mix with what. Key piece of this outfit? THE CARPE DIEM shirt! Am I cool now? HAHA. Of all my colored jeans, I chose yellow for the reasons: (1) Though not obvious and not really significant with the whole outfit at all, yellow compliments with color blue. Yup, my shirt's color is blue :D (2) I would be going to a really happy and gay event and what other colour is more lively and fun than a screaming yellow? :) (3) I'd like to relive that moment and feeling where I'm still a high school Senior. In my school, yellow represents the Seniors :)

Since I wanted to give the attention my Carpe Diem shirt deserves, I opted not to wear any necklace when I accessorised. It's also unusual for me to carry clutches instead of my hand or shoulder bags because of the size plus I've mentioned before that I like having many abubuts in my bag which "I think" are necessary. =)) For me, clutches are made for formal or intimate events. In fact, the reason why I took this with me in such a casual event is only because of its print. =)) But hey, I think I suddenly felt like I want more of em in my closet! And I mean it! :) It's just another situation where I tried something new (at least for me) and at the same time surprised myself in a good way :)

Another thing intended to spice up my usual outfit and another first for me is this bowler hat. I finally had that guts to don a hat which I obviously not usually wear. Bowler hat instead of a fedora hat, what do you think? :)

Photos by my cousin, Mika. 
Thanks and love you, Mik! :)

Tomato pants
Footzyrolls flats
Love Eyecandy clutch
WAGW cross necklace worn as bracelet
From Reese Linsangan pop ring
Pull and Bear leopard print ring
Casio watch

My favourite and senior year adviser being a cool teacher that she is by donning my pose! <3 :'>

My sister, cousin and current student council President, Marese! <3

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