Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Hole In The Sky

I don't want to cause you guys any further confusion so no, the title doesn't have anything to do with my outfit. I now understand the can't-think-of-a-title problem bloggers get. I'm now reading the book Beautiful Creatures and currently on the "A Hole In The Sky" chapter. Yeah, that's the only reason why. :)

Familiar top, yes? I think this is the second time this polo top makes its appearance in my ootd posts. I got this few years back and I'm still keeping it in my closet though I really find it hard to mix and wear with other pieces. Styling it is very tricky, I sort of don't like its fit, the fabric is too light and it's not my type of loose tops to wear. I've been actually having second thoughts of keeping it but I think it's perfect whenever I opt for laid-back outfits.

I'm no expert but I don't see much limitations when it comes to fashion. Ways of wearing clothes and accessories are endless, palawakan lang ng imagination and creativity :p We usually tuck in our tops when paired with skirts especially when they are loose or sort of lengthy for a certain outfit but for a change, I opted to show off the top as it is and just used a belt to improve its form and gussy it up with the belt I chose because of its colour and gold detail. :) 

As I've mentioned in my previous post, no matter how dull the colours of the clothes I wear in an outfit, I still make sure to at least wear lively ones in my accessories. Notice that the accessories and pair of shoes I'm wearing have matching colours? And a shade in my bag matches with my top? It's one of the not-really-"rules" when it comes coming up with an outfit especially when working with several colours :)

 Tomato top
Plains & Prints skirt
Topshop shoes
WAGW belt and bracelet set
Casio watch (gift)
Vera Wang bag

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  1. Love this outfit really beautiful :) xx

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