Saturday, August 03, 2013

#YFCNEPYC2013: Behind The Scenes

Sharing to you the first half of the photodiary of Youth for Christ Nueva Ecija's 7th Provincial Conference which happened two weeks ago. School has been so demanding I barely have time to face this blog. Anyway, here are some of the few snapshots from the night/dawn before the event. Sleep? What sleep? :)

Rehearsing until around 2:30 AM, wake up call in about 2 hours. We also like to live dangerously. ;) HAHAHA!

Only few of the tons of sleeping pictures of the team. Haha, sorry! I just had to post some. :)

Photos from Tita Grace (see full album.), Ate Sam (see full album) & Kuya Bonin (see full album)
Posting photos from the day of the event next! :)

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