Saturday, November 24, 2012

Faith Forward

Since I blogged about the Kids for Christ Nueva Ecija's event two weeks ago, I became sort of jealous for YFC! :P I've tweeted a lot last month about Central Luzon's Regional Youth Conference 2012 at Bulacan last October. I've been a YFC since 2008 but it was my only second time attending a regional conference so I was really happy it was held during my sembreak :D

For me, the highlight of the conference's getting to represent Nueva Ecija for the set dance competition. Nueva Ecija reprezeeent! :D Aaaah, I terribly missed dancing especially competing! Ooh, I missed the feeling. We only got to rehearse our piece for one week only and we barely did it with all of the dancers present during rehearsals just because our schedules wouldn't let us to :( But we did it anyway, we bagged the title. Now that's a bonus! ;) 

The conference through saturday and sunday photos :)

Taken after our performance already and while waiting for Nueva Ecija's band performance and individual showdown. The creative competition's elimination round happened after lunch of day 1. Only the top two moved to the finals which happened that night. :) 

Enormous tarps like this when you enter the venue! American Idol as "Jesus is my Idol", Survivor as "Salvation', Fear Factor as "Faith Factor", Masterchef as "MasterKing" and Project Runway as "Project One Way". Coolioooo!

At Santissima Elementary School during our siesta when we got the very good news. Top two, baby!! ;) No siesta happened actually since we went straight to preparing for our second performance that night, finaaaals!

We went back to the venue that night for dinner, session 2 and final round of creative competition. I was really drained that time because of no sleep and tiredness. :( I've been literally awake since friday morning, no sleep on friday night since rehearsals ended late plus I had to some packing, really early call time on saturday morning then straight to Bulacan for the conference! I actually even got worried on not being able to perform well for the finals 'cause of that :(

Solution? WARM UP! :) But we have our own version or warming up: Kalabsawan! What a term, I know, LOL. Rehearsing and recalling every step to death is what dancers usually do the last minute before their performance but not us. We did kalabsawan instead =)) Kaniya-kaniya. Baliw-baliwan. Aliwin ang sarili. Pampagising lang. Pampapawala lang ng kaba. :p And of course photo ops!

Beside the door behind them were windows where a cockroach was peacefully chillin. They have lots of solo and group photos like this which I took. When it was my turn already, posing before the camera just waiting for the click, it freakin decided to fly right before me!!! ashlfh;sj;faije'dJ;F;!!! I just had to run and let MY moment go :( :( Can't believe I'm even including the picture in my blog!

Whatever. :( Decent group photos after our performance! :)

"Anyenye!" :p With our choreo and Kapitan, Kuya Jerel! :)

Our own version of "Oyy aah!" =))

Day 2: Holy Mass, Session 3 and awarding :)

First day we were dancers. Second  day we're champions! :)

"Specials" with Kuya Bonin's entry fot Graffiti contest who also
won champion! :)

Aaaah we were too happy and thrilled that we decided to celebrate as soon as we get back to Nueva! Food trip at my house then got our milk tea fix :) Dinner-bonding filled with food, stories and laughter! We couldn't stop recalling the experience and everything that happened. Plus some just couldn't help but spill their jokes, both the corny ones and benta ones -___-" LOL, sanayan lang yan sa YFC!

It's a back-to-back-to-back-back for Nueva! YFC Nueva Ecija won four championship titles for the creative competition: Set Dance, Band, Individual Showdown and Graffiti competitions! :) Woohoooo, all out! Kudos to the other Central Luzon provinces too! Next stop: 20th International Leaders' Conference in Manila on 2013! Central Luzon reprezeeeent! :D

Goodbye, Bulacan. Hellooooo, Aurora!!! :) Central Luzon Regional Youth Conference 2013

We really are blessed we can experience gatherings like this many times a year whether it's international, regional, provincial or by sector but still, every experience is overwhelming and we can never get tired of it. :) :) I swear being in the Couples for Christ community is... uhm words cannot express, haha! It's amazing and fun to be in service. Join us and see for yourself! :)

B ;)

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