Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pasko 2013

It's been a month already since the first and latest #BlanchXVIII blog post. Sorry if it's taking too long, there are way too many pictures I can't choose! It's really hard to sort thousands of photos it's literally taking me days to do so. For now here's how my Christmas 2013 went. Besides it will never be late for a #BlanchXVIII post. Doing this blog entry first because few days/weeks from now this post wouldn't be timely anymore. :)


Our Christmas this year's just like the usual. Misa de Gallo, Noche Buena, Christmas family picture and exchanging of gifts with the family for Christmas Eve. Hey nothing really fancy + we have to save up our energy for the annual out-of-town trip with the relatives on Christmas day. :) This year we hit the beach and spent the holiday in such a quiet and peaceful place! :)


It's really nice to be back here after two years and just be IN a collection of century old Filipino houses. Sure there are still some standing in different parts of the country but you don't get to experience and appreciate them the way you would when in this resort. I think there were more people checked in since it was a holiday but you wouldn't really feel it. It was really peaceful here especially at night. Nope. No night life. Hahaha. :) This place is such a beauty! 

I think spending two days here is more than enough since they don't offer much activities but I really wouldn't mind going back over and over again for some peace and relaxation. There are actually a church and more heritage houses under construction. Besides it's not everyday we get to see something like this. :)

Taken in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar located in Bagac, Bataan. :)

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