Friday, January 25, 2013

Flawless Not

First and foremost, I dedicate this blog post to my sister who was sleeping and regaining her energy for her night duty at the hospital when I asked her to take these photos of me. When I saw her na naalimpungatan lang, I immediately grabbed the opportunity! Guess it's not that obvious anymore in the photos of how she took these even after some cropping and straightening. :D Thank you, Dra. for still being able to take good photos. Come on, these aren't really that bad given that she was half-awake and half-asleep that time! Right right? :p

Here's what I wore to a dinner out with family and family friends at Gloria Maris :)

Key piece: the orange bandage skirt. You know what they say, pair tight-fitting clothes with flowy and loose ones. I'm one of those who can't pull off form-fitting clothes because of you-know-one-of-the-things-every-girl-is-conscious-about. Hmmm, not just yet :) :) (Book it!) 

And so I opted for this top which will give people an impression that it's something for the beach when they first see it because of the material and the cut. On the contrary, I instantly imagined wearing it casually when I first saw it. Nonetheless, at least it's one of those pieces you can wear in many ways and places. It's appealing to me so much that I got it in two colors! I can't decide which to get so I ended up grabbing both just because my sister was in sort of a hurry that time when we were shopping. I must admit, that helped. HAHA. Duh, ladies, I know you know the feeling when you're torn between such pretty things. Agree! :p

I actually ended up liking these photos because of the top! A bandage mini skirt x tank top definitely makes a tight-fitting and sort of revealing outfit but the see through top still gives that hint and illusion of curves! At least there's the "feeling". I don't know to you guys but that's how I feel here, eh? :P I already said too much about my top so I think I should say that it's the key piece here? HAHA. Whatever.

Bugging my sister while she's in the middle of her sleep's too much already so taking more photos for the outfit details was a no no! Good thing I have this one on my Instagram. Showing you some details! :)

Cotton On top
Forever 21 tank top
The Berries bandage skirt
Topshop flats
Forever 21 necklace
Casio vintage watch
From Reese Linsangan pop ring
Oh Oh Manila iPhone skin

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Happy weekend! Happy long weekend, Thomasians! :)


  1. love this outfit!
    love how you paired the flowy top with your tight-fitting inner :D

    Thirdbite | style blog

    1. Hello, verna! Happy how you liked the outfit! Thank you! :) :)