Monday, April 15, 2013


20th Youth For Christ International Leaders Conference
April 5-7, 2013
Marikina Sports Park

Here are some photos of the highlights of the three-day conference. Photos are from my phone and grabbed from Ate Sam :) Thank you, Ate Sam! :)

Day 1
Dance Expo, Band Expo and Session 1: Liveloud Concert

Dance Expo was held at the gymnasium and Band Expo at the main stage... simultaneously! :( Central Luzon's entries for both creative competitions are represented by YFC Nueva Ecija. Thank God the band was up on stage right after we finished our dance performance :D That was, uhm.. still catching our breaths while rushing to the main stage, lol.

My second Liveloud Concert came with a dance party after! Awzummmm!

Day 2
Session 2 and 3, Couple Coordinators Got Talent 

Just recalling this very moment gave me goose bumps! I'm so thankful I get to experience moments like this, I get to feel nothing but His greatness especially seeing these people raise their candles and hear them worship. Believe Dance Company and El Gamma Penumbra also did the sessions' creatives, thumbs up!

Day 3
Session 4, Awarding

Bilad kung bilad! I swear listening to sessions and worshipping is definitely more fun under the sun! 

RAK (Random Acts of Kindess) the world, let's?? :)

This has got to be one of my favorite parts of the conference. For session 3, we flew our own paper airplanes after writing something similar with the one below and continuously threw whatever we found on the ground. After a minute, we were told to randomly pick one paper airplane and this is what I got. Yup, we were asked to picked "randomly" but I believe God placed this one near me on purpose. :)

Thank you, brother/sister who wrote this! I hope somebody was able to pick mine. :)

And now the announcement of winnerrrrrrs! Photo below: upon hearing Central Luzon bagging second place!

The group always pray after every rehearsals, and before and after performing at the competition proper but this time we were praying to give Him thanks. Prayers all the way! 

Moving sessions. Heartfelt worships. Amazing gift of talents. Supportive parents. Awesome brothers and sisters in the community. Great God. By far my most memorable ILC! Everything because of Him!

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