Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Am Up In Space

Sharing to you my outfit and some photobooth pictures from my brother's party! Aaaand nope, no galaxy print stuff here or anything. The title's a line from Icona Pop's I Love It.

"I don't caaaaare, I love it!" Read on to know how the heck's related to my outfit. :P

I clearly didn't mind following some rules and yet this is a planned outfit. Print on print. Match this with that. Pair this short with this top. Wear this shoes. Put on that necklace. I didn't know there's such thing as planning a lazy outfit until I was working on one! How ironic. Yup, lazy, because of the fact that I barely bothered mixing and matching.

La Familia <3

Clash of prints! Why on earth... HAHA. I just felt like using both my colourful leopard print shorts and clutch at once. Period. 

Nyegbags \m/

Top leftmost: Me and my siblings showing off our "bling blings" :P 

Even the simplest details are important but sometimes you may ditch them. HAHA. Whatever, if you love  the overall look and you feel great about it, then you're good to go! :) 

Anyway, my outfit is as loud and confusing and messy and careless as the night :P Those who were there will know, HAHAHA.

Forever 21 top, corset & heels
Apartment 8 shorts
Trunk Show clutch
Michael Antonio necklace
Casio watch
Rastaclat bracelet 

HANDS DOWN, Ate Reina, Ate Mara! =))

Visit Foto Madnezz for the complete set of photobooth shots! :)

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  1. I love your envelope clutch and your outfit! <3 Hope you can check my blog too! Take care and stay beautiful!

    NEW BLOG POST: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Inspired make up!

    Keep smiling,xx