Thursday, April 04, 2013


If I were to look at this outfit worn by someone else, "pastels" would pop in my mind first. Right right but this ensemble revolved around the sports shorts! :) Take off the shoes, my blazers and my accessories and the sports shorts with the plain tank top could actually pass off as my pambahay outfit or I'd look like someone gym bound.

I've already worn this blazer before in a really similar outfit: white tank top, necklace, wedges but with pants. This time I opted for shorts but with a twist. It isn't the usual shorts we go out wearing, is it? Dull color and something we'd wear as house clothes. Styling and accessorising really do the trick! :)

You might ask why the heck did I even bother to wear shorts if I'd wear it with a blazer. The fabric is actually light so I don't think that's a problem-o. Besides, the heat is beyond insane but we all know our weather's moody as well.

WAGW blazer, shorts and ring
Forever 21 necklace
Tommy Hilfiger watch
Vivienne Westwood x Melissa shoes (I got it from my momma! ;)

I just finished today my first week of internship. Yahoooo! :) Yup, on a Thursday. I'll be absent tomorrow and on Saturday to attend the last three days of the 20th YFC International Leaders Conference. It's a three-day annual conference but this year we're celebrating it for seven days! The conference already started last  Monday but I'm sure the last three days will be the biggest! 

The YFC LIVELOUD PRAISECONCERT which is much-awaited by everyone will also be part of the ILC this year. It features praise songs which are all-original compositions of YFCs. It's an annual event also which if I'm not mistaken started in 2009. Though it's only going to be my second time attending Liveloud tomorrow, I'm sure it'll be grander this time! I'm thrilled for another heartfelt worship experience. :D 

Some delegates from Nueva Ecija will be competing in different creative competitions as representatives of Central Luzon, wish us luck?? :) 

Happy 20th birthday CFC Youth for Christ! See you at #JesusExpo! :)

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