Monday, June 17, 2013

Don't Blame the Kids

Here's a story. I was on the phone one time with our helper who's in the province. I asked her to look for some of my denim jeans in my closet which I thought were missing. She probably found this ombre pants and sort of panicked while on the phone! Maybe she thought the color faded when the laundrywoman washed this pair or it's a white pants washed with colored clothes! Hahaha, my pants got you, ate! 

I've mentioned before I like injecting striking colours in my outfits. Can you imagine this number without this yellow bag? It stood out even more in this outfit! :)

Looking at these pictures is so bracing! This ensemble's colour is really cooling to the eyes though it was really scorching hot that day. Goody this tee's looseness is just right. I'd like get more tees like this with this kind of weather. Very comfortable, easy to style and effortlessly cool and hip!

DBTK top
Forever 21 jeans
Nike SB Janoski
Tommy Hilfiger watch

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  1. I love the jeans :) And your style is amazing as well.