Saturday, June 29, 2013

Real Talk

Now's one of those times when I'd give my nonsense randomness a rest and share to you some thoughts which have been crossing my mind a lot lately. Some are random, some are realizations but they sure do make sense. 

1. It's not every time we get to pursue what we really want. Everybody makes mistakes with the decisions we make at times and regret. Nevertheless, we all have the power to turn regrets into opportunities to explore other things apart from what we want. Outside our comfort zones. You know what they say, do what you love or love what you do.

2. People say to work hard and go get what we want or make things happen but I say certain things are even more moving and striking when they come unexpectedly. There are things we don't have to push too hard but instead let them come naturally. 

3. Comparing is for things, not for people. People come in and out of our lives not for the same single reason. Everyone has their own purpose for being part of us.

4. The type of person we are depends on who we are with. It's not every time that we are the good one, or the studious one, or the prettier one, or the more faithful one, or the cooler one or whatever we think we are. Sometimes we're better, sometimes we're worse. If only we'd look and listen clearly to who we are with, we would know.

5. I may joke about karma at times but I don't believe in it. Everything that's been happening to us is because of us. The decisions we choose. The actions we make. The words we speak. Cliche, I know. But it's a truth we keep on forgetting.

6. Plans and reasons. God has both. Keep the faith and everything will follow. 

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I know this post may be too serious but this is what I got from taking serious time to ponder on some situations which has been happening lately, on the conversations I've had with some good friends and onto what my professors were saying. Honestly! Haha :)

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