Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Staycation At Its Finest

School has officially started for me and that's my cue to blog about my summer which only lasted for about a month. But I gotta say, best staycation ever! No out of town trips. No beach. No flying here and there. One month away from school spent entirely in the province serving Him together with my brothers and sisters in the community!

I was still in the middle of my internship last April and trying to think of summer vacation plans and out of town trips with family and friends when I realised I'd be spending every weekend of May with my Youth for Christ family attending camps, YFC activities and more camps with meetings, preparations and just pure bonding sessions in between. From there, I willingly let go of my thoughts of at least spending a few days out of town. You know... beach, waves, chill, family, friends, good times.

Nonetheless, I had no regrets. There are definitely a lot of things being in service for Him can give you which bum life can't. 

YFC Nueva Ecija South Sector's Discovery Weekend

Arriving at the camp site on the first day, they were only familiar faces. Some A lot of them were even strangers to me. On the last day, I went home feeling sort of blue about getting separated from a bunch of newly found brothers and sisters! What is clingy, hahaha! Oh, what spending the weekend away from the bustle and on a farm (with no internet connection at all) can do... That's pure bonding and enjoying each other's company!

YFC Nueva Ecija ROCK Training

It's my first time heading a camp and it made me realise that it's in this community where you will learn how to appreciate even the simplest thing and see it as a huge blessing. :-)

We have a very cool Tita! Hahaha.

Instant collage, anyone?

ROCK 2013's participants x super service team!

YFC Nueva Ecija Central A Sector's Youth Camp

Photo repost from my partner, Justin! Yup, it's also in here where brushing the teeth means bonding. HAHAHAHA. Truth!

YFC Nueva Ecija East Sector's Youth Camp

Our last hurrah before school started! Visited East Sector's Youth Camp at Palayan City and stayed there for a day. Very welcoming and energetic East people, both participants and service team! :)

I was enjoying my summer with them so much I wasn't able to rant about back-to-school. HAHAHA.  It really feels like I can do the same thing over and over again and not get tired with it whenever I'm in service. YFCs, if you know what I mean! :) Anyway, my summer 2013 definitely made me so much closer with my brothers and sisters in the community. Talk about sepanx! Good thing I can go home almost every weekend for more bonding with siblings and at the same time prepare for the upcoming PYC! :)

Nai-segue pa! To my YFC readers, we're inviting you to Youth For Christ Nueva Ecija's 7th Provincial Youth Conference happening this July! Final date and venue are to be announced very soon! Contact your respective sector heads for more info! See you there! :)

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