Thursday, January 23, 2014

100 Happy Days


When you go to, this question would be the first thing you'll see. It seems like a very simple question that's easy to answer. When I first came across this, I had to absorb the question first and ask myself if I can really be happy for 100 days IN A ROW?

The question which looked like a very simple one threw many realizations. We usually seek or ask for happiness. We wait for it to come. In order to answer "the" question, I knew I had to take the challenge. I was up for it.

For ONE HUNDRED STRAIGHT DAYS, I would document through photos the cause (or one of the causes) of my happiness for each day — people, events, places, things, anything that's making me happy. I could do it privately by just keeping the photos between me and via e-mail or I can share it in a social networking site of my choice. Obviously, if you're an Instagram follower of mine, you'd notice how I've been doing the challenge.

Today marks the 13th day of #simplejoysofsofia, my personal hashtag as I document and share why I'm happy. :) Realizing and sharing your happiness for "a hundred days in a row" is different from sharing the days you know you're happy and that's because we oftentimes fail to appreciate the happiness and simple joys brought by the little things which are part of our daily routine just because we're already used to them.

I was excited and very much up for the challenge not because I claim to be a happy person who always have something special happening in my everyday life, but because I wanted to be more positive and happy towards everything just because of the happiness I feel about the simple joys. 

When I started doing #simplejoysofsofia, I knew there would be at least a thing in a day I can share even though up until now, I'm still uncertain if I can keep up with this. That's why it is called a "challenge". It is a challenge in a way that I should document whoever or whatever it is that's making me happy for the one hundred straight days I'm doing this or in a much deeper sense, it is a challenge in a way that I'm learning not to look for things I'm actually happy about, but to realize there are lots and tons of happiness which can be found in the simplest and usual things, people, events and everything else I encounter everyday.

While composing this entry and right before I finish, somebody just a while ago asked me a very timely question: What is my definition of happiness? To be honest, I really didn't think that much hard to answer his question but I answered him with the first thing that came into my mind: Happiness is a choice. I can attest to it just by this #100happydays challenge. :)

For the past 13 days, I've been happy because of my comfort foods, I got to finish a good book, I got to see the sun rise and many more. For the next 87 days, I will be grateful for the things that will naturally come and I will continue to be happy about the places I will go, people I will bond with, little achievements I will get, new experiences I will never forget, right decisions I will make and anything under the sun.

I can't wait for #simplejoysofsofia Day 101 and see this challenge's effect on me. :)

It's now your turn to answer the question. Can you be happy for 100 days in a row? :)

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