Sunday, January 12, 2014

#BlanchXVIII: Best Day Of My Life

Here are the pictures during the party. Finally! My guests would know that there turned out to be two parts of the party. During the preparation, I really didn't see that the party would be of two parts. The first part's the one with the traditional elements and the second one's the "party" thing with drinks, dancing, and really awesome party music! Even before starting to plan this party, I really couldn't decide what kind of party to throw. I was torn between pulling off a traditional one because I really wanted to experience having one or a party where my family and friends would just gather and enjoy foods and drinks and music and dance the night away. :) It's only after the party and while looking at the photos when I realized I actually experienced both parties in one night! Awesome sauce! :)

 Here is the first set of photos of the first part. :) 

The mandatory family picture! :) Of course we had to be the first ones in the photobooth and flipbook booth and we took advantage of the time we can have it to ourselves, haha! ;)

How cool is this one?! My photo booth just got more personalised and came with messages and dedication from my guests! :) My guests got to take home their photo booth shots as souvenirs while I got to keep their shots too + their messages for me. I hope I'm not mistaken but I think it was during my party when Foto Madnezz first had this! (Am I right, Foto Madnezz? :) Hehe!) Thank you so much, Foto Madnezz! Check out their Facbook page! :)

These photos are making me hungry! Plus I sort of regret not eating or even having a taste or bite of everything served both in the dinner buffet and dessert buffet, even during the food tasting. :( Good thing we got to bring home some of these mini cupcakes. I definitely love the mocha and red velvet mini cupcakes! :) 

We also had Shakey's pizza booth for the sort-of-after-party which was a very much fitting snack! Trivia: I celebrated my first birthday at Shakey's! :)

My friends and frequent house visitors would know who they are. I think they got to work and enjoy at the same time during the party, haha!

Second set coming soon! XX

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