Friday, January 03, 2014

#BlanchXVIII: BTS (Part 2)

While I was busy with my hair and make up, these were happening at the hotel. They weren't acting at all. That's how they really are. Yup, normal normal. =)) But I'm really happy they have a part on the onsite/party highlights video. I didn't know something like this happened while I was still away until I and everyone saw the video itself during the party! You guys are awzum! <3 Haha!

Love-hate feels for this very particular part of the shoot! I don't have to explain anymore why, do I? :))

Guess that's it for everything that happened before the party! Posting next the pictures from the party itself! If you were one of my guests, watch out. I might be posting some of the photos you're in! :) 

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