Saturday, January 19, 2013

Souvenirs de 2012

First, I bet almost everyone thinks that compiling pictures from the whole past year, making a collage and posting it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs or wherever is sort of mainstream. I've seen a lot few days before and after the New Year. Posting such thing in Instagram or here in my blog never really crossed my mind and it's maybe because of the fact that I think 2012 had not been a good one for me. 

Last night, I realized that my phone's memory is almost full already so what I did is delete some photos from way back December 2011. Damn, it felt like I was going down the memory lane and I did enjoy it! That alone made me want to post my own compilation of 2012 photos too! On second thought, it occurred to me that it's already mid-January and it seems like everyone has already moved on from the new year hangover. But it's better late than never, right? :) Plus you can't blame me if I prioritize my studies first before my blog that's why I deserve a slow clap. Charot! :p (By the way, prelims is finally over and we now have wi-fi here in the condo which explains why I'm back to blogging :D)

So dear friends, here's my own 2012 photodiary compiled from my files, phone and Instagram! There are quite a lot of photos but I hope you guys stick around until the end of this post. :) 

My first Liveloud concert :)

Top: Newly elected HSSC Officers
Bottom: Some of the outgoing Senior student council officers,
election volunteers and advisers

A first for CIC High School! Automated election system :)
Graduation with my sisters-by-sapilitan!

Macau with lola and siblings

YFC ILC Almighty Conference at Aklan + Boracay

Mini reunion with grade school besties

Fathers' Day at F1

Pharmacy Freshmen Indoctrination: Freshest Faces. With the
freshest faces of Pharmacy and my partner, Glenn :)

YFC Nueva Ecija Intense Provincial Youth Conference at Quezon

Thomasian Welcome Walk 2012

Photo by Sam Sumawang

Photo by Kuya Ronald Balan

All Saints Day at the cemetery in Bulacan.
Desperate to play Monopoly Deal until evening, hence the candle and flashlight from our iPhones :D

KFC NE Provincial Kids Village 

I was a Koreana for my birthday and opening of UST Pharma week! :P

UST Paskuhan Lights launch with high school friends

Reunited with Fewells!

First Paskuhan as a Tomasino with Josh!

I compiled almost a hundred of photos at first and yes, that was too much for this post until I only came up with the ones above though I think they're still too much. Looking at these pictures proves me wrong and makes me realize that I had a really great year. I realize these photos are beautiful not because of the quality or how they were shot, but because I myself know the stories behind them :) It's never too late to look back at things :)

Okay, this post is sort of melodramatic already. Thanks for visiting this entry, outfit post soon! :)


  1. This is such a cute post :) It is nice to sometimes remember the old days :) Somethings just doesn't come back :)

    Btw i love your blog,mind following mine? :)

    1. Exactly! Thanks for dropping by! :) Of course, no biggie :)