Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Little Black Dress

A little black dress is a must in every girl's closet! Sure everybody knows that ;) I mean, no one can ever go wrong with it. It's always easy to mix and match with a lot of shoes and accessories making it perfect for anywhere. You just gotta style it appropriately for the event. ;) I wore this LBD to the 18th birthday party of the most humble girlfriend I have - Hi, Kayle Millera! :>

A little black dress is so easy to style that I had a hard time deciding how to wear it (Ironic, I know :p) just because I'm maarte like that. I wanted to go for a black and purple color combination at first but on second thought, I wanted to go for black and gold as well! Black and purple is unusual, but black and gold has been always classy. 

Can you guys still recall where I wore this necklace first? It originally has black details but I took it off to go well with my outfit. Good thing they were detachable so no, I didn't destroy the necklace. :p By the way, the belt I'm wearing here is really beautiful because of the color. Obviously, the lighting didn't give it justice :( Hoping for better photos the next time I wear it :)

What I love the most about this LBD is the details at the back that's why I don't why the heck I forgot to take photos of it :( :( I was sort of in a hurry that time. :( On a lighter note, that means I'll be wearing this dress again anytime soon just so I can show it to you :>

SM GTW dress
Ever New belt
Jellybean shoes
Mom's clutch
SM Accessories hair pin
Jellybean gold bangle
Ever New multicolored bangle
Forever 21 ring

P.S. It's the time of the school year when most of high school seniors are getting hysterical because of one common reason and I bet you already know what I'm talking about. Yeeees, CET results are already coming oooouuutttt! I've been seeing a lot of tweets about it. It's been already one year since I was in your positions, seniors. Sure I was pretty tensed too for a couple of months after taking entrance tests and while waiting for the results. I took entrance tests in three universities and of course, just like everyone, I wanted to pass in every university. However, I failed in one but I didn't fret. Looked on the bright side instead and told myself that it was just God's way of saying that it wasn't for me. :) 

To those who passed already, congratulations! To those who are still waiting, ma-tense muna kayo jan! Hihi, kidding! Seniors, especially CICians, kalma lang! God has better plans for everyone :) :)