Monday, December 17, 2012

Bloggers United 4

Bloggers United? 4? Oh, okay. Same old, same old... NOT! Finally I got to attend the fourth installment of Bloggers United!

For those who are unfamiliar with Bloggers United or BU, it’s an event where fashion bloggers from and outside Manila gather and sell both their brand new and pre-loved items like clothes, shoes, accessories, make ups and even gadgets for a really cheap price for a cause! The first time I heard about this event was after BU1. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend BU2 and BU3 as well because my schedule didn’t allow me to. Read: Anastasia was a guest blogger last BU3. ANASTASIA. ANASTASIA! Anastasia of brownplatform, my favorite blogger from Indonesia was there! OKAY. L

The moment I heard about BU4 I told myself I shall go. I must go! :P Thank God for no Saturday classes, LOL. Fortunately, my friends were game as well so I went to BU4 with my grade school besties! Shopping, blogger hunting, mini reunion and bonding rolled into one: BU4! I’ve waited for this since it was finally announced. Felt nothing but excitement the night before and so I wasn’t able to construct a game plan. What to do first: blogger hunting or shopping? Hahaha. At least I now know what to do next time. :P

I want to share everything about my BU experience, I don’t know how and where to begin :( Here are some photos! J

The first blogger we saw when we got there was Patricia Prieto. We came to her for some photos and she said "Of course, you don't have to ask ;)" So kind!

Sorry for some blurry photos, we had to take pictures quickly. :))

Verniece Enciso! She looks even more like a barbie doll in person!

Lissa Kahayon sure did sell a lot of great clothes and other stuff as well! I think I got a lot from her booth :p

Luckily, we were already at the venue when Dani Barretto arrived so we had the chance to grab some photos with her. Very skinny, tall, and kind! 

Wait, I know this is some sort of fail shot because of the focus but I don't care. I love Bjorn Bedayo! Hahaha. Really happy he was just at his booth the whole time I was there. Love his style! :"> (Yes, the kilig face! Hahaha)

Cheyser Pedregosa! The way I dress is way different from the way she does but I love her a lot. :( Filipina beauty reprezent! She actually came and set up her booth late so that explains why she's holding a hanger, hehe!

I wish I took a photo of her whole outfit. Not sure but I heard she's from Elle Japan? Cool hair!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to meet a lot of my fave bloggers because I had to leave quite early. When I got back in the condo I got texts that Vern, Kryz and mother becky Divine just came in! OKAY. Nonetheless, I had a blast and I got some items from a lot of my favorite bloggers' booths! 

With grade school besties at Bloggers United 4! Love ittt! Cha, Jaline and Aimee! Thank you girls, love you a lot, see you again soon! :) Unplanned matchy matchy outfit with Aimee, by the way :p

I can't for BU5! I'm sure Bloggers United will go a long waaaaaay! Cool and awzuuuum people! I'll be blogging about my BU4 outfit next so stay tuned! :)

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