Monday, December 31, 2012

The Season

Right, right? Christmas season is THE season. It's the season when people are most joyful and thrilled for everything the season has in store. Parties and reunions with families and friends everywhere. Plus it has the power to bring out the kid and generosity in everyone. Aminin! :p After all, it's the season of gift-giving and sharing. Oh, the good vibes this season can bring! Anyhoo, here's a photo diary of how we spent our Christmas Day :)

Overnight stay at The Lighthouse with Familia Trinidad

Weird but... cool, I knoooow! 

Chinese dinner at Feng Huang
Two tables were not enough and the clan wasn't even complete yet!

Inang and his boys ;)

Shot by my nephew, Tom Tom @-)
Uh-huh, Lola Belen can still pull off a wacky pose 
Familia Trinidad 

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