Friday, December 28, 2012

Set It Off

Happy holidaaaaays, everyone! How did your Christmas go? How's everyone's holiday break going? :) Mine is pretty short and loaded with endless school stuff. I am just actually on a break from doing a requirement. How the heck can I enjoy my vacation when I am preparing for LOTS of quizzes scheduled and requirements due on the very first day of classes next year? Dear professors, asdfghjkl! I understand what my professors want to say about the "balance" thingy. Like not having too much fun during weekends or vacations and we must squeeze in "some" studying too but never have I imagined that they'd give us THIS MUCH. I swear all the school works I took home with me here in the province (because I really had to) made my holiday vacation way way way less fun :( :( :( 

Believe me, I've been trying so hard to think of things which can set off my bad vibes. After all, I can't do anything but to put with these school stuff, yes, while on a holiday break. Sorry if this post contains so much hatred (for some things which effortlessly ruin my break), I just had to rant and let it all out :( Mood about to swing in 3, 2, 1...

So to relax my mind even for a bit, I'm going to share to you another outfit post! :)

I wore this to a Sunday mass and lunch out with family and last minute Christmas deliveries. My key piece for this outfit is the pants. I find the material, the color and the design really unique and so I want more of it in other colors! It was hard finding a top which would compliment the color of the pants so I went for the safest one: black :)

I didn't want to over accessorize since I was heading to church and I was already wearing long sleeves. Necklace plus watch and I was good to go! Also took these sunglasses out for a spin for the first time!

Skinny jeans really emphasize my legs and how they look like they are of a man's. They've been like that since I was a kid. Guess I really took dancing seriously at an early age. :s Oh well, like what I've said before, I gotta flaunt what I have! At least we have something instead of nothing :) Everyone should flaunt even their flaws :) 

Forever 21 top
Bershka pants
Chanel flats
From Divine Lee's BU4 booth necklace
Tomato watch
Panda sunglasses

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