Saturday, December 08, 2012

SWAG: Saved With Amazing Grace

I love being at home! Fast internet connection so I am more motivated to blog, haha!

Hi, guys! Sharing to you some shots from our elimination and finals dance performance from RYC 2012. I told you a lot about it in this blog post. Still remember it? :)

The cross behind us :') 

HI JUN =))

Haggardo Versoza!

Huling-huli ang mga mali! :p

Nono and Kuya Chiko's facial expressions oh!

Doing the Gangnam! =))

The Joker

Over a month had already passed and I'm still overwhelmed. I'll forever be proud. Isn't it obvious yet?? LOL :) Sometimes it's not the quality that makes a photo worth sharing but the moment that is captured. Thank you so much Ate Sam and Kuya Ronald for these shots! :)

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