Sunday, December 09, 2012

Opposites Attract

I know almost all of us girls or every "maarte" can relate to our same old problem... choosing what to wear. Nobody loves that I-have-lots-of-clothes-in-my-closet-but-I-don't-have-anything-to-wear-:( feeling! That's why I usually plan my outfit at least a day ahead before I wear it.  I actually felt that before coming up with my outfit below because I also failed to come up with a plan. BOO. 

As what I've said, this was not planned at all. I first chose the top to wear and I worked out the rest from there. I've actually used this top in one of my outfit post before with a denim shorts so I decided to wear it with a pink jeans this time. What I thought of it? "Too dainty. Too girly. Too much pink in an outfit! ACCESSORIZE! NOW NA!" Of course accessorizing makes a lot of difference!

Aaaand yea, I had a hard time choosing what accessories to wear! I had very limited choices. Ever since I moved to Manila, of course I had to take my fashion essentials, too! :p Yes, fashion essentials! Of course there are things as such! I had to try each piece I have that time but putting on this edgy necklace was the last thing on my mind and I actually loved it! 

Like who seriously wear baby pink pants and a dainty floral top with studded black suede shoes and edgy necklace in one freaking outfit? I obviously do! :D It's only now that I appreciate that I-have-lots-of-clothes-in-my-closet-but-I-don't-have-anything-to-wear-:( feeling. Situations like this gives you the chance to explore, discover new style and who knows you might end up surprising yourself!

I personally love how my sort-of-experimenting turned out. I never thought I could wear these sweet dainty and girly pieces together with the edgy ones and still look good. I mean, I really find them so opposite, haha! So what do you think? Was I able to pull it off? Let me know please please? :) You guys can comment below! :)

Forever 21 top
Pull and Bear pants
Tomato watch
Tomato bangle 
Pull and Bear turtle ring
Forever 21 necklace 

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