Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Everything's Brighter

Did I mention on Twitter that we had another family dinner last Saturday? I know, I knoooow... Another special family dinner after just one week. I didn't see this one coming but lucky for us we were able to go home for the weekend! :)  Everything was almost the same like the one I've blogged about except for it's already Christmas in our house when we got home! Twice the joy and kiligs :> 


Life-size Santa greets you on the way to third floor!

Santa tryna sneak into our house, LOL :D

Let's move now to the dinner part, shall we? :)

O, picture-an mo na habang may ulo pa! -Papa, LOL

Left Manila early morning that day, practice and meeting for Provincial Kids' Village from noon 'til around 6pm then home again for family dinner. So, yes, the haggard face. Speaking of PKV, I'll make an entry for it too! :>

Mother loves to "instagram" too! :)

Brotha doin his thing...

...and him doing his thing too. Patiently waiting =)) LOLJK

Some things are appreciated even more when missed. :)

B ;)

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