Friday, November 16, 2012

Thank You, Jesus!

You've probably seen my tweets last week about our event last Sunday. It's Nueva Ecija's Provincial Kids' Village with the theme "Thank You, Jesus!" :) Workshops, activities, talks, creative and special competitions were FOR the kids but sure everyone had fun and learned a lot. Everyone as in including Titos and Titas, Ates and Kuyas! :)

"Lahat ng pinaka mahahalagang lesson sa buhay, natututunan pag BATA ka pa! :)"  - My partner, Justin after PKV

Here's a sneak peek of the event :) 

Call time and set up at 5am.

Nueva Ecija's provincial band! :)

Production team teaching the kids the dance steps :)

Kuya Dino for opening session

Two workshops for the senior kids and three activities for junior kids. :)

Kuya Noli for Acitivty 1: Gifts Unlimited

Ate Cath for Activity 3: Thank You Yes! Thank You No!
Ate Lysa, ang-pinakabibong-service-team-na-napaiyak-ng-mga-kids,
 for workshop 4: I Follow 4 Heaven :)
Creative, special and sports competition after lunch, and yes, imposibleng mawala ang Oppa Gangnam Style sa mga kids! :p

Kuya Kit for closing session and praisefest

Ate Cath as stage manager. Dream came true!

Provincial Ate and Provincial Youth Head :)

Central A's Sector Ate and Kuya. Hello, partner! :>

Tita Ellen, Kids for Christ Nueva Ecija's Provincial Tita :)

Previous KFC Nueva Ecija's Provincial Ate with her "successors" :)

View full album here. :)

We are usually given around two or three months to prepare for conferences like this but this time we had two weeks! O__o Two weeks for a provincial conference plus 'most' of the YFCs have school pa (yung mga wala nang pasok dahil mga graduate na, you know who you are :P). Hassle and toxic, yes but what's new? Immune na ang YFC diyan! LOL. :D

If you are already a part of the Couples for Christ community, conferences like this is not new to you anymore but  everything that happens before, during and after an event is always a new experience. Everyone will be physically drained at the end of the day but we know that this is something we will never get tired of doing. Just the fact that we are in service for God is what keeps us going.

Everything and everyone is a blessing. God is really great for sending almost 600 participants. Great number of participants, little time to prepare, not flawless and yet, it was a blast and a success. To all couple coordinators, service team, CFCs, SFCs, YFCs and especially KFCs who participated and extended their support, maraming salamat po! And of course... Thank You, Jesus! :)

Join the Couples for Christ community. I swear it's aaaahmazing to be in service! :)

B ;)

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