Sunday, November 18, 2012

Summer In Me

Some of you may have already seen my entry last night about Regional Youth Conference but now it's gone. I think I accidentally deleted it. Oh nose :s I guess I'm going to recompose it maybe tomorrow but for now... Tadaaaa! It's my very first outfit blog post. :>

If I can't go to the beach right now, can I just at least express my cravings for it through my outfit? :>  Ombre, denim and highwaist shorts. Oh well, it doesn't have to be summer for us to wear these, right right? :) 

WARNING: Legs of a man below. Seriously. =))

School is so busy and one of  my ways to at least relax myself or feel good is by my outfits! I guess I just love the feeling when I wear what I want and I feel good about it. :> Five days a week I wear an all white uniform so yes, don't judge or don't blame me if I went all out with colors in this outfit. LOL. =))

Rayban sunnies
Giordano denim polo
Uniqlo top
Vanilla Breeze ombre highwaist shorts
SM Accessories bangles
Tomato watch
Footzyrolls flats

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