Saturday, November 03, 2012

Looking Back Pt. 2

Hola! I'm back in Manila again and yea, I am too early for the start of classes. I didn't want to go back here yet but oh well, I had to leave the province today. It was a pretty fun and well-spent sembreak though 'cause I got to see and bond with my high school friends, YFC siblings, relatives and family after months!  See you Nueva friends and streets of Cabanatuan again soon, hihi. :) Hello again, Espana!

On a much different note, here's part 2 of my OOTDs! :) 

Combination of high-end and low-end brands!

Opted for something laid-back for Fathers' Day!

Imagined myself wearing this loose tribal top from my
cousin as a cover up for a swimsuit.
 I ended up wearing it on a really windy day :s Tiis ganda.

Dainty-dainty-han! LOL.

What I wore to I'm Shoe In Love! <3

Anyone notice may "naiihi" pose? HAHAHA!

Blazer on a sunny day plus these sky high babies, another
'tiis ganda' outfit!

"Bakit hindi pantay yung tabas?" - Papa, referring to my
mullet skirt. Hay nako, Pa! Hahahaha!

Aaaand my jet black hair's back here!

3-in-1, lol. Florals, neon and snakeskin (bag) :D

One of my current faves, studded suede shoes!

Maroon 5 live in MNL.

Forever21 shorts. Definitely a steal!

H&M belt which is also from my cousin saved me from looking
like I was about to go to sleep in this dress! Seriously :p

All Saints Day. Nakakiuso sa panahon ng bulaklak, hahaha! ;)

Most of my outfit photos are taken by our house helper, Ate Jeng and some by my sister; plus I only use my phone when taking photos. MUST. HAVE. BETTER. QUALITY. OF. PHOTOS. ASAP. =))))

Please follow my blog, hihi. Til my next post! :)

- B ;)

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