Monday, November 26, 2012

Birthday's Eve

Why do I have that habit of blogging during midnight when I have the whole afternoon or night to do it? :( It just occurred to me, hahaha. 

Here's what I wore to a Sunday dinner out with my siblings and grandmother (I miss you Mama and Papa!) at The Stock Market Boni High. The sun had set already when I got ready so that explains the low quality photos which I had to take indoor and with my iPhone only but whatever, the show goes on! This outfit blog post goes on! LOL.

We were also sort of in a rush that's why I wasn't able to show more of the details of this outfit. The black dress is actually lace and its upper part is corset. Really happy I scored this one! Lace and corset in an LBD ;) I've worn this already and posted it on my IG but not as one of my #ootd's because I had no outfit photos  at all :( Why can't I take good pictures whenever I'm wearing this?! What is malas, asdfghjkl! The dress however shows too much skin so I opted wearing a denim floral vest but it somehow hid the necklace. 

I don't know but this outfit gave me that "rocker-slash-edgy" feeling. Hahaha, maybe because of the black dress, the denim vest, edgy necklace, black eyeliner and tied up hair? And yes, the baaaangs. The side-swept baaaangs B) I've thought about it for too long and now it's here! Hahaha, whaddaya think? I just thought maybe my precious forehead should take a break from too much exposure. :P

Topshop dress
Primadonna sandals
Forever 21 floral vest
Trendphile Manila necklace
Tomato watch

B ;)

P.S. Thank you for all the birthday greetings and for including this blog on your wishes! I am not yet done thanking everyone especially on Facebook! Hihi, cheers! :) 

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