Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Dinner Date

Second semester has officially started and as of now, I haven't still moved on from the break :( Sem break. Sem break went pretty fast but I gotta say those three weeks were spent very well for the fact that I spent it in my hometown and I got to see most of friends :> But a particular night made it even more special... My whole family... having dinner... altogether... at home! 

You'll know that this is something special... because we prepared our own dinner. HAHA :p

Manok na lang sinusungitan mo pa!
Inasaaaaal! There were only six Inasal at first, my siblings' reactions
were all like, "Tigi-tig-isa lang tayo?!" DUH. =))

Brother 'instagramming' what's for dinner!

Papa usually cooks this for us. Whenever I ask him what's the name
of this, he'll think for a while and answer "gulay" -____- Apparently the
only 'gulay' I love to eat =))) (Honest.)

Monopoly deal with sibs after dinner! I suck at this.
 I didn't win even once. :(

My parents are always in the province. My siblings and I are in Manila and though the four of us live together, we don't actually eat meals together. Soooo yes, this barely happens. That's why having a family dinner with SIX of us all around the table at HOME is, I know, something extra special for us. :) :) I'm really hoping we'll be complete for the holidays. :)

Family, if ever you're reading this... Oo na, ang cheesy na! :p

- B ;)

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